Wednesday, April 29, 2009

how much do i hate thee?

i know it's been a while, but i have a few things that have been bugging me:

i hate the red sox. in fact, i hate pretty much anything having to do with boston. if it wasn't for sam adams and clam chowder, i'd say blow the whole damn town into the ocean.

george carlin once said 'hard work is for people short on talent.' finally, an explanation for dustin pedroia.

seriously, pedroia's first job was baking cookies in a tree for keebler.

in fact, i could have sworn he was one of the kids from tlc's 'little people, big world.'

if i say i hate kevin youkilis, does that make me anti-semitic?

ranger defenseman paul mara's beard has a bigger dick than kevin youkilis' beard.

ok, some football stuff:

terrell owens is on the bills. trent edwards now has the worst job in the world.

did you see brett favre got released by the jets, even though he is 'retired'? i'll bet my left man-boob he plays for the vikings next year.

speaking of the jets, they drafted their future quarterback of the future, after their present quarterback of the past retired and they decided that their present quarterback of the future was not the future quarterback of the present. did you follow that? that's the jets for you.

michael vick is going to be released from prison soon. he is scheduled to do his work-release program at petsmart. the hamsters are terrified.

the giants did the right thing by releasing plastico. however, if he gets out of jail time, at least he dodged that bullet.

why do they call it a 'west coast offense' if an east coast team is using it? and wouldn't the time zone difference cause the receivers to be 3 hours behind?

that's all i got for now, tune in next time for a bengals mini-camp report from ohio state - the prison, not the university.