Thursday, September 23, 2010

driving while stupid...

so the jets just can't stay out of trouble. first, they are accused of harassing a female reporter. ok, who let joe namath in the locker room again?

then braylon edwards gets busted for drunk driving. he tested double the legal limit. his beard was the designated driver.

seriously braylon? are you that dumb? he initially got pulled over because his window tint was too dark. he thought that if it was dark enough, the cops wouldn't see him.

in the 'no one saw this coming dept.': after holding out all of training camp, darrelle revis hurt his hamstring and will miss time. the jets secondary is looking more like gilligan's island.

the bills are bad. really really bad. the bills are so bad this year, they make the lions look like super bowl champs.

fuck tom brady. and his hair.

ridin' the pine: seems like half the starting quarterbacks in the league have been benched or knocked out and it's only week 3. it's been so bad, cbs fired phil simms and hired jeff hostetler.

kevin kolb lost his job to michael vick. congrats kevin, you just got favre'd!

the steelers are 2 - 0 as they wait for ben roethlisberger to come back from suspension. he got suspended because he prefers his hands under a drunk girl's ass than under his center's ass.

fuck bill belichick too. i can't be the only one that's sick of his smug pretentious ass. and his stupid looking poncho-sweatshirt-hoodie outfit.

manning bowl: the best throw in the game wasn't made by peyton or eli. it was made by brandon jacobs.

i'm through for this week. next week we will try our damnedest to stop calling him tim t-bone.

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