Monday, September 13, 2010

here we go again!

yes, it's been a while, but i am still back before plaxico.

so a lot has happened since the last time, the saints won the super bowl, the jets became a good team (or so they keep telling me) and brett favre retired about 4 times.

seriously, there should be a brett favrehog day: when he comes out, it means there's only 2 weeks of preseason left.

sexy rexy's a big star! thanks to this hard knocks show, everyone now knows about this jolly fat man. think santa claus with a foul mouth.

thanks to the show, we also know that antonio 'babydaddy' cromartie isn't gonna win any father of the year awards.

cromartie has fathered 8 children with 6 women in 5 states. he's interested in hitting, it's just not a receiver going over the middle.

ben roethlisberger was in the news a lot this offseason for the wrong reasons too. in the nfl, there's an injured reserve list, a physically unable to perform list, and between guys like him and babydaddy, there will be a registered sex offender list.

tom brady hates the jets. news flash for tom brady: anyone who watches football and can pronounce the word 'chowder' correctly hates you.

but anyways, let's get to the field:

after further review, the ruling on the field stands: the lions still stink.

pete carroll surprisingly won his seahawks debut. no one expected it because he is paying his players less than he did at usc.

michael vick played well after kevin kolb got knocked out of the game. it was because before he came into the game, andy reid said if he didn't he would drown him. gotta motivate him in a way he can understand, you know.

i'm tapped out for this week. tune in next week when we try to find out where matt leinart's career went.

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