Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just end the...wait what they won!?

how about those jets? they haven’t beat the patriots in the meadowlands since the civil war!

the jets had a hell of a game plan. we just didn’t see it before because it was hiding under rex ryan’s gut.

kerry rhodes said that the jets would embarrass the patriots. they didn’t really embarrass them, unless you count randy moss whining like a 3 year old after the game.

tom brady & gisele bündchen are being sued by two cameramen claiming their security shot at them after they took unauthorized pictures. wrong move, guys - if anyone knows about unauthorized use of cameras, it would be tom brady.

schmuck of the week: robert henson, a rookie linebacker for the redskins who has yet to play this year, called washington fans ‘dim wits’ after booing the team after their uninspiring 9-7 win. way to play yourself into the hearts of the fans, dumbass.

henson also insulted fans by asking what they know about football when they work at mcdonalds. how much you wanna bet he gets a little ‘extra special sauce’ next time he orders a big mac?

plaxico burress began his jail sentence. unfortunately for him, there are guys in prison who really love ‘wide receivers.’

i want my baby back: everyone’s talking ribs between mcnabb and hasselbeck breaking a few between the two of them. it’s getting so bad tony siragusa donated a rack from his bbq joint to help out.

so jerrywood opened with 105,000 people watching the cowboys lose to the giants. jerry jones was so pissed he made tony romo clean the bathrooms after the game with terrell owens’ old toothbrush while listening to jessica simpson albums.

i’m done for this week. tune in next week when we interview the gap between michael strahan’s teeth.

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